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Interworld Cleaning is fully licensed, insured and bonded, and use a multilayer quality control system to ensure impeccable service


We use Green Seal Certified products and color coded microfiber cloths that prevent cross -contamination. When/where applicable.


We offer 24/7 service customized to your specific needs, flexible contracts, month-to-month and 1-time cleans. Discounts are available!


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Note that as of now, there is no registered product to kill the Coronavirus. However, CDC and the EPA have said that any product that is effective against non-enveloped viruses is likely to kill the Coronavirus.

Disinfecting companies, like Interworld Cleaning, have experience and training to disinfect the hard, washable, and non-porous surfaces. Professional cleaners stand in the front-line to kill the airborne microbes. It has not been an easy task to clean and disinfect every corner and surface to prevent the virus.

In the wake of Covid-19, cleaning companies have since been offering various sanitizing cleaning services using a QUAT disinfectant to kill the virus more in-depth and taking many extra precautions and steps while also trying to keep the pathogens away from themselves while cleaning.

Disinfecting services are in demand to help kill viruses and bacteria hidden in the corners and surfaces. If you are interested in these services to protect yourself and your loved ones and sleep a little better with peace of mind you are doing your part to stop the spread, Interworld Cleaning has you covered. Let the professionals take care of your disinfecting services, using an EPA approved QUAT application and Barrier Technology.

We are available 24 hours a day, and work with your schedule so we don't affect your hours of operation. You can even customize services to meet your individual needs. With our highly skilled, professional staff, our multi-layer quality control system and eco-friendly products, you're guaranteed a green, serene clean, everytime!

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* combined area must not exceed 1,000 sq.ft, commercial or residential

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We match competitor pricing based on equal work. To qualify please submit a written proposal.


We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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Good Reviews From Good People

"Interworld Cleaning provided top notch disinfecting services. The attention to details was second to none. The did end up hitting all areas including doorknobs, light switches, faucets. They were definitely worth every penny!"


Maureen Fortin

Clarksville, MD

"We previously had bad experience with our cleaning company when we hired them for disinfecting services. Thus the need to find another company. Interworld Cleaning was on spot! The team was very knowledgeable and they hit literary every area in our office. We signed up for barrier application after initial disinfecting. If we can save at least one employee from getting sick, the money is well spend"


Julie Ferris

Baltimore, MD

"Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by what Interworld can offer and how thorough they are! They offer initial disinfecting services followed by barrier technology to prevent further growth and spread! That is simply fantastic! The price is right and it totally overweights the risk! Thumbs up!"


Nicole Casimir

Reisterstown, MD
CALL: 443-860-6116